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Bus controller (REC series)

It is based on the open robot control system and structure of EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet, and takes the system software based on high real-time. It is introduced in the modular design, and uses the multilayer control structure constructed by EtherCAT of

  • Control architecture is EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet , and the hardware platform can bear the underlying real-time system of high reliability.
    Its control system integrates hardware security protection design, abnormal state monitoring and a variety of extensible user interface.
    The control interface is abundant, including a variety of user interfaces: Secure IO, dedicated IO, digital extensions, IO, analog quantity IO, etc.
    It provides good robot operation interface for robot, and realizes the functions of parameter setting, teaching demonstration, programming, state monitoring and so on. The software runs stably and reliably.
    The bottom layer module of real-time communication , is compatible with EtherCAT and PCI bus, and its diagnosis function is powerful.
    The application package and instruction interface of robot commonly using, support network port communication, visual input, conveyor belt follow, IO control of conditional movement, and additional axis, etc.

Mode typeREC
FunctionEmbedded hardware platform

1:+5VDC,2.6A;+12VDC,0.2A power supply
2:CF card interface
3:dual LAN interface

Storage capacity1:Robot movement related:
(1)maximum target file:4MB
(2)point data area:1000points/file
(3)backup variable area:you can use 100KB most(including management table area),about 1,000 variableles,that can vary according to variable size
2: CF card capacity 2G
3:Memory capacity 4G DDR3L
Electric drive platform

1:AC220V AC power supply

2:electric machinery:

REC400L:3 power less than 400 watts, 1 power 400 watts
REC600L:4 power less than 200 watts, 2 power 200 watts

3:Input interface of the encoder in a multi circle absolute position
4:EtherCAT communication
5:Communication interface of device and driver parameter setting

AC power supply1:AC200V-240V,single-phase 50/60Hz
2:Bipolar cut off circuit breaker, prevents surge and filter
3:AC power supply 10A
Security detection functionEmergency stop switch, pause with safe input low power mode, dynamic brake and encoder disconnection detection, overload monitoring, torque abnomal detection, speed abnomal detection, position deviation overflow detection, speed deviation overflow detection, CPU abnormal detection, temperature abnomal detection,relay connection test, overvoltage detection, AC low power supply voltage detection, fan abnormal detection
Distribution system groundingD type grounding
Leakage currentLess than 3.5mA
Insulation resistanceMore than 1MΩ
External dimensions400mm*365mm*182mm
PerformancePCI bus32bit / 33 MHz PCI masters
Main CPU memory2GB on-board DDR2 667 MHz memory
AC power inputAC 200V-AC240V power input
Power signalCN1, used for robot 4 axis motor power driveCN1, used for robot 6 axis motor power drive
Encoder feedback signalCN2, used for robot 4 axis motor encoder feedbackCN2, used for robot 6 axis motor encoder feedback
User IO interfaceUSIO, user interface, including special and general IO
Safety IO interfaceSFIO, safety IO interface
Demonstrator interfaceTP, including EMO,service performance and communication signal
U disk interfaceUSB,USB-A-femal
Upper computer interfaceLAN, RJ-45,Ethernet communication
RS232 serial port 1COM1, standard serial port used for controller debugging
RS232 serial port 2COM2, standard serial port used for connecting external equipment
Quadrature encoder 1 interfaceEFB1, quadrature encoder 1 interface
Quadrature encoder 2 interfaceEFB2, quadrature encoder 2 interface
Simulate IO interfaceAIO, 4 input/4 output
Additional shaft interfaceEtherCAT communication interface
Extend IO interface16input 16output
Driver USB interfaceUSB,USB-A-femal
SurroundingsHumidity SurroundingsWorking temperature:0 ~ 40℃
Storage temperature:-20 ~ 70℃
Relative humidity:5 ~ 85%, non-condensing


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