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Company introduction

APE Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to development of core technology of robot and control system. By developing intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, we want to be the stepping stone of the rise of China’s manufacturing. From SCARA, inverted SCARA, six-axis robot, AGV, controller and other hardware products to machine vision and motion control software, there are now 4 major product lines and more than 50 kinds of mass production products.

APE tech developed its high speed, high precision and lightweight robot with ingenuity and features 1 stop integrated services of hardware and software. By Combining with self-developed, stable and easy to use machine vision/ motion control software, and fast and effective technical support service, APE tech can solve manufacturing upgrade problems from human labor to smart factory for small-medium enterprises and greatly save automation project time and development cost.

4                            major product lines

50+                             kinds of mass production products, one stop service

Determine the direction and invest for the future

APE, the brand creation, aims to boost China’s rise of basic industry in terms of the intelligent manufacturing technology and strives for its own position in the international intelligent manufacturing field.                        
                       Capital investment is the basic guarantee for technological innovation. APE recruits worldwide excellent technical engineering and project management specialists, integrating all superior resources to develop and research projects. Currently, the R & D cost has exceeded 100 million yuan.

APE is expected to complete the construction of various office buildings by 2019 with a total investment of 590 million yuan and a construction area of 172 thousand sq.m.


People oriented and adhere to innovation

Building up faith, focusing on profession, pursuing excellence and constant innovation are the core development philosophy of APE research team.
                       Talents and innovation are the foundation for the growth of APE.
                       Talents of the core R & D team of APE with master’s degree or above account for 90% and come from 211/985 universities. APE has established a good interdependent cooperation relation with related universities and brothers enterprises in order to promote the sustainable development of talents through exchange.
                       APE strives to catch up with the international top level in the intelligent manufacturing industry, thus recruiting a group of outstanding technical and project management experts from America, Japan, Ireland, South Korea, Pakistan and China Taiwan. The integration of internationally renowned scientific research culture and industry leading R & D concept have greatly improved the core technology research and development level of APE.
                       APE integrates IUR (Industry-University-Research) cooperative resources to develop the mutual advantage of enterprises and school in talents training and technical exchange, cultivate qualified technicians for the R & D demand of intelligent manufacturing and put technological achievements of schools in scientific research projects into practice, promoting the transformation of technology to productivity as well as the perfect development of APE robot systems.
                       At present, the APE technology has stood at the front of industry and developed a number of robots and control systems with fully autonomous intellectual property rights, including the robot kinematics and dynamics core algorithm package, robot software platform based on the high reliability and real-time operating system and bus environment, belt tracking technology, additional shaft synergy technique, control platform technology integrating the driving and control, control platform technology of full closed loop analog quantity and pulse open loop control technology.                        APE grows rapidly and has gradually become the top supplier of solutions for light robots and control system at home and abroad.



Patent and Certificate

APE’s products meet international standards and are accredited by standards organizations such as CE and FCC. The results of research and development have also been submitted to apply for patent protection. APE is recognized by ISO 9001 quality management system. We are continually improving the quality of our products and seeking for higher customer satisfaction.

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