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Research and Development Capability

In the field of industrial robots

Provide all kinds of industrial robotic systems for under 10 KG with arms within 1 m; provide mainstream standard controller matching sets and demonstration devices based on bus modular structure in the industry, and at the same time, provide controllers integrating the driving and control with excellent cost performance and integration level for medium and low end applications which gives customers more product options. Provide indoor mobile navigation AGV products with load capacity less than 200 KG.

In the field of automatic control

Provide technology based on ETHERCAT bus, bus controllers and all kinds of extended modules which support general motion control, robot control, measuring and testing, IO logic and functions alike; provide a variety of motion control and IO products based on Modbus, PCI, PCIE bus interfaces.

Automatic dispensing machine system

Construct a complete automatic control product line to provide one-stop service to customers. In the field of the dispenser, provide products ranging from standard desktop/Longmen multi-axis movement platform, dispensing control system, dispensing valve and dispensing valve controller with complete menu style dispenser product line.

The APE integration robotics system, automatic control system, automatic dispensing machine system and all kinds of automatic accessories to provide customers with an entire line of products with complete product menu to fulfill all customers’ needs.

Core technology development ability of robot and control system

Since the establishment of core research and development team in the late 2014, building up faith, focusing on profession, pursuing excellence and constant innovation have been the core and firm development philosophy of APE core R&D team; we pay significant attention talent cultivation and team construction and employed professionals and talents from Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Donghua University and Wuhan University of Technology. The team has over 90% talents with a master degree or above and has established good talent and technology corporation relation with related higher education institutions and enterprises. Through nearly 3 years of working, APE technology research and development has developed robots and core technology for controlling system with many independent and complete intellectual property rights. Their development include the robot kinematics and dynamics core algorithm package, robotic software platform based on high reliability real-time operating system and bus environment, belt tracking technology, additional shaft synergy technique, control platform technology integrating the driving and control, control platform technology of full closed loop analog quantity, pulse open loop control technology et cetera. , Ttheir robots and related control products have been recognized by CE, CR and many other certifying institutions like robot certification center. APE is growing and expanding rapidly to become top light-weight robots and controlling system solution scheme provider domestically and internationally.

Serving the technology as belief, the profession as power and excellence springs from innovation as research and development concept, the whole APE R&D research team, APE clients and partners will draw a blueprint of the 4th technology revolution and create an industry leading intelligent factory manufacturing solution scheme in this “Industry 4.0” area. APE’s powerful and strong core R&D capability will allow us to overcome every difficulty and frustration and support APE walking further towards a glorious future.

Solutions R&D capability

Understanding 3C and other light manual industry products (manpower replacement)

The R&D of APE products is based on Justech’s, the parent company, understandings on 3C and other light physical demanding substitution industries for more than 10 years. APE develops the most advanced and best user-demand fitting products and solutions. KNOW HOW BY 3C is the core R&D advantage of our APE.